Will We See Another Active Aurora Month?

May started off a little quite but it isn’t likely to stay that way. On May 7th we had a M3.91 size flare. We are not likely to see much activity from this flare, as it was not earth facing. However this is a very good size sunspot with very complex structures. As you watch the video below you will see several snaps as it erupts at the sunspot then a tidal wave that floods out along magnetic fields from that sunspot region. Experts are predicting that we are very likely to see more than one flare out of the sunspot as it seem to be developing as it is rotating into earth facing. This very well could be another active month!

We do have coronal holes earth facing that may keep us at a KP3 but are not at this time expected to give us a large aurora show. There is a small sunspot region that will be earth facing with in the next 48 hour, if that has some flaring it could change the forecast. The large sunspot region will be rotating in and could make impact as early a May 12th. Both NASA and NOAA had increased predictions for the May 14th about a week ago, based on this and what experts are saying we have really good chance at a fairly good size Aurora Event. Weather is expected to be Partly Cloudy through most of this aurora event next week.

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Unedited Lightning by Peggy Sue Zinn

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