Will This Be Last Of Activity?

Watch toward the end for two new solar flares

Last night we did have two more small flares and this earth facing. At least one of these will likely graze earth and maybe give us just a tiny bump up sometime Sunday night. The sunspots are starting to decay at this point and are starting to loose steam. They can still keep producing small B class flares for the next few days that may have a slight influence. Chart below show the solar flares that have happened last few days.

More than likely we are done with any large activity. Though there is a slight chance that That B class flare could bump up KP more than expected. Guessing on Wind speed on these are difficult. Flares are generally very quick pops and they pass in a very short period. Unless you are right there watching your apps and out looking you could miss the entire thing. This is not an event I would spend a lot of money to chase because it more than likely to be less than excepted at this time. Though there is a debate that to due to earths lessening magnetosphere small storms will have bigger effects.

We are seeing an uptick of earthquake outbreak. Both Japan and Indonesia were hit with large earthquakes . Making it the 57 quake that has reached at 6.0 Magnitude in the last 30days , in short since we have elevated solar activity. This is further evidence that earthquakes are effected by what our sun does. The hope is someday this will help us predict where earthquakes are likely to hit, and give us enough time to warn people . That warning might save lives.


I have fielded questions about taking live Aurora Class. Many are wondering if they can “time things right to have a class during an Event” or book a private lessons. What most of you don’t understand, that the time to take a class is not during an aurora event. You take class when we have clear skies, when there is not pressure and you can really focus on just learning camera setting, how to focus your camera and how to paint details into landscape with flashlight. In aurora event there is to much pressure to get what you see, and not miss anything, that you don’t have the focus to learn what you are doing. If you take a class in an aurora event, you will likely miss parts of that storm while you are struggling to figure things out and you might go home empty handed if you make a mistake. Trust me nothing more annoying than messing up and ending up with nothing after you sit out all night. Practice makes perfect. Learn how to shoot at night, develop a routine and embed it your memory before you try shooting at auroras. Then you won’t miss parts of aurora event and you can really enjoy the experience. You won’t make as many little mistakes if you have practiced enough to make this routine. Once in while things will go wrong, but least you know how to trouble shoot those issues because you will have knowledge of what can go wrong and how to catch mistakes. Also, it will curb the dependency on flashlights and help you be a better team mate in the dark, so you don’t annoy other people around you. We are going to start the Aurora 101 online class this month for gold and silver members, this will teach you the basics. Then if you still want some live help you can book a private without timing being an issue and can have my undivided attention. Preparation is Key to the perfect Aurora Photos. Visit Purchase membership page to get your membership today.

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