Strange tales, Reporters, Science and the Sun.

Yesterday caught a news report from Sky news out of Australia that was very fascinating. Someone filmed a meeting they had with a top CNN reporter. They caught the reporter admitting that everything in the news is being decided by the owners of several big news organization in advance . He admitted that some stories they made up and created to manipulate the public. He admitted that media was skewing facts to fit their narrative and control public reactions. He also point blank said that, “Climate change will be the new racism because we can keep that going for years”. That is frightening! To make people believe every natural occurring event on earth is to be used to make them afraid of tomorrow and keep is in constant state of stress and worry is wrong! This isn’t healthy to have people constantly live in state of fear. I feel it important that we educate ourselves so we understand the truth about the science so we aren’t afraid.

Recently. a weather agency had a video on how polar ice cap melt shifted our physical poles and it is creating climate changed, there will be food shortages, world we know its ending! BE AFRAID! I feel it is important we address the TRUTH. Lots of things shift our planet inches at a time and sometimes by feet at a time. Earth is not a perfectly round sphere. It is lumpy and bumpy, its crust is not a solid surface and anyone who has studied any earth science at all knows our planet is constantly changing. Earthquakes, storms, solar storm and volcanoes all create changes in our planet. Our tectonic plates move. Climate will change in response, it is all very natural occurring mechanisms built into the our world to balance it. 2004 we had a major earthquake in Indian ocean with tsunami and it shifted our planet something like 4 inches. We just had a 8.1 solar driven earthquake last month over in New Zealand that very well could have cause minor shifting. Alaskan Tribes have been notating for years that the sun is rising and setting in different spots than they had been. This is not necessarily something we need to panic about.

You will hear in the coming years lots of different studies being quoted. I want to caution you that many of these studies are paid for by government grants and the government is setting certain parameters to how these studies are being conducted. They decide what can and can not be included in these studies, often times guiding what the results are. This doesn’t always make for truthful studies, since they often omit factors they don’t feel are important, which in reality might be huge factors and completely change the results of the study if they had been included. Governments also like to stick to actual written facts, so they tend to study climate in relatively short timelines of few hundred years that they have kept written records of the weathers and tempatures. The earth cycles are very slow and they happen over thousands of years, which also can skew a study if you only pick this tiny period within a huge timeline to determine facts. It is like picking up one puzzle piece and saying that is what the whole pictures looks like, instead of putting the whole puzzle together to see the big picture. For example if you only look at the last say 200 years of climate it would look like climate was warming, but if you look back over the millions years of geological evidence you would see our earth has been warmer and it has been colder. These cycles of warm and cold happen in tens of thousands of years, there by making some these studies invalid in their results. Another common problem with some science it they study things in isolation, in short, they tend to study only their field instead of incorporating say meteorology with geology, volcanology, and oceanography . for example only studying CO2 and thinking that is only thing making temperatures rise when you also have wild fires, volcanoes, cosmic particals and the sun that also cause changes to temperature of our planet.

Now you will hear a term called fringe science. What is that? Fringe science is basically ideas that seem radical for the time period because it is not , as of yet, proven and accepted science. Doesn’t make the theory or idea wrong, or tin hat crazy. Just means we need to dig in and study it more. Truth is at one point all science started with a radical idea that few people were ready to accept, until many studies proved it was fact. Most of the scientist that came up with the ideas faced major ridicule and some were even thought to be verifiably insane. You also want to remember many of the scientist have egos, and their jobs often depend on their studies being widely accepted. They last thing they want is someone to come along and prove them wrong. This is where science fails, because it is often times very hard to challenge accepted ideas, because essentially you saying some else got it wrong. We are actually in a really exciting time where new tools and new discoveries are starting to challenge some science that has been around for decades. For example they are finding dark matter is not real, that there is really matter there, they just couldn’t see it before. My point, don’t be afraid to explore fringe science, most of the time it is not crazy , it is just new idea.

Lot of climate studies today, leave out facts. One such fact we happen to be really well acquainted with. The major flaw in many climate studies is they are discounting our SUN and all the effects it has on our planet. They focus so much on man made environmental causes that they forget that we have cycles that are driven by our sun, magnetic fields and how our earth reacts to those changes. Did you know that some of the super typhons we have on earth happen when magnetic storms are happening? Did you know changes in magnetic fields can increase ferocity of lightning and storms? Did you know that studies are being done now, that can link earthquakes to solar storms and changes in magnetic fields lines? That by studying our sun, we can start to predict where earthquakes are going to happen. Have you noticed lately we are having more volcanic activity exactly when we are starting into solar maximum ? Were you aware they earth at one point had no ice at polar caps. it was a lush really wet tropical environment. But then there was a period of Asteroids and Volcanic activity that put so much gasses and ash into the stratosphere that it actually blocked the sun. It was like putting a sun screen in the windshield of your car, just like putting one helps keep your car cooler, so to does this cool the earth.

My point it be curious and open to learning about science. Do not listen to all the media driven hype and let it put you in constant state of stress. Read studies yourself, be curious. Mom always told me believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see. So don’t let them frighten you. Question everything and find the truth. This way you find you have less to fear.

“Men plan, Mother Nature will laugh” Things are going to go wrong and things are going to change. That is natural. It is not something to be afraid of. Can they go really wrong? Soon or later likely they will go very wrong. That is life. Eventually the sun will super nova, though not likely for thousands of years yet. Can a solar storm take out anything electrical on our planet and leave us in the dark ages, sure, it can happen. Has happened in short periods in isolated areas, like in 1980’s Canada lost power for three days. I would tell you not to panic, or worry. Instead use your common sense. If this last year has taught us anything is that we need to know the risks, and we need to be prepared to be independent. What does that mean? Well educate yourself to that what if’s. Make sure you have go bags if you have to evacuate ready to go. Look at how you are living, If electric disappeared tomorrow how would you cope? Hence, I would strongly advise NOT jumping on Biden’s “Green Energy” ideas, because they are going to leave you venerable if solar storm happens. Think low tech and old fashion, with some redundancy. Start Growing your own food. Put a green house up, so if we have a cold climate where it is hard to grow anything due to cold you can grow some food in green houses. get a wood stove, make sure you have supplies a head of time. Don’t wait till the toilet paper disappears to think about wiping your butt. Sorry if it blunt, but hope it got your attention. If you are prepared when worst happens, you have less to fear and you can shrug it off. If worst never happens then it is pleasant suprize and when the media tries to put you in state of panic, you will know what is what. Then you can roll your eyes and laugh at how full of whooie those reporters are and carry on without the stress.

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