So It Begins, Are You Ready?

The phi angle has take a shift as the coronal hole stream impacts us. The predicted KP4 , KP5 and KP6 are based on the coronal hole streams that should impact us starting sometime Tuesday, not so far on CME’s. The great news is though we have a had small B class flare that did produce a CME , this should impact us after the coronal hole stream impacts us so this means, very likely another scoop shovel event similar to what we saw last month. You should expect sudden impact spikes and you need to be watching your apps closely.

Just after the destabilization of the earth facing region and small be Class flare, a much larger C class flare erupted from the 2822 sunspot region. Now this is not expected to impact earth but should be direct hit on Lasso 2 satellite. This region continues to be active. Six hours after the above eruption we had a another , quickly followed by yet another good size CME.

Now sunspot 2822 continues to be very well developed. In fact using comparison tool you will se that the magnetic polarities are becoming more developed and staying very tightly wrapped. Over the next 24 hours this will rotate into position where we should start seeing a brush at very least with any good size CME. In short, it is time to start praying for moderate solar storm, but not the big one. For those of you that are new aurora hunting, there can be good and very bad with solar storms. The really bad is if we get a Carrington size event it could wipe out much of todays modern technology. Good bye , Satellites, Cell phones, internet, and power grid, if we are lucky for few hours or days. If we are unlucky, it could take years to rebuild what the sun could burn. Essentially, could put us back to dark ages for years.

As I look at the way the sunspots are developing I fear though we may be building to a larger storm. This doesn’t appear to be done, and is just growing more well defined with each passing day. The southern sunspot is also developing rapidly and it is magnetically connecting with the larger sunspot. When one region crackles, it is sending a pulse down through the other. The southern hole is not as tightly wrapped as 2822, nor is the polarities as strong , YET. But if you look at comparison you can see is just 24 hours how rapidly it is growing and how defined it is becoming.

For those of you that may have missed the announcement we will be doing a meet up Tuesday night at 7pm well before dark, to go over what we are seeing from the sun and review predictions. This is kind of a preview of what members will be getting with their Gold Membership. We will also touch gently on some programs you can edit with. After solar storm and thunderstorms pass Gold members and Silver members will be able to join in depth zoom classes where we will review different editing programs and show you how to use them. Don’t forget to join is for this free session and see how membership might benefit you.

Just for fun here is the last little bit of this comets exisistance as it makes a grand dive for the sun. This happens frequently as space dust and comets pass through our solar system.

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