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Is The Sun Working Up To Major CME?

Flaring on the sun is continuing this morning. The question on everyone’s mind is the sun working up to breaking loose with a major CME before it settles? So lets start with a view in 193 AIA, and really dig in to what is going on. We have a dominate coronal hole on the south exiting earth facing in the next day or so, but it proving us with low level winds at the moment. Just coming earth facing later today, is sunspot region 2816 which continue to produce flaring. Now things erupting from that region should hit us to

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Flaring On The Sun Continues!

I do believe that I have your undivided attention this morning. I have a feeling you are going to be bright eyed and bushy tailed today with anticipation. You should how ever plan to do a bit of napping in day light hours, and be on the ready at night because the chances are increasing that you could have a very busy week. For the third day running we have had solar flaring and some reaching M Class status just about midnight. … Continue readingFlaring On The Sun Continues!

Was Last Night The Big Show or Is More To Come?

Few of you braved the cold last night to get out there and get some auroras. We were seeing some great shots in group today. If you would like your image with credits on website, then please email me them with your information of where you where, times and your experience and I will a post with break down of the storm with your stories Before we get into the forecast I want you take a moment and watch this YouTube video. I want you in particular to note his comparison of the sun a year ago to where we

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Headline today is the suns activity is taking a deep breath ahead of roar. We saw in the past few days, a brief spike in activity up to Kp 5 hit unexpectedly due to helispherical current, not necessary what typically causes auroras. Following that we have seen a rapid development in sunspots. following this link will take you to graph that shows the development of the major sunspot over the the last four days. This is a view of the lead sunspot region 2814 that is currently earth facing. When looking at sunspot region you want to watch for


Will Auroras Dance In Coming Days?

The question on all our minds is will we see a repeat of last month, and will our weather clear enough we can enjoy auroras? The good news is we are seeing some positive signs that we might have elevated activity. Below is video of the sun over the the last week, to show you have activity is picking up. We did have a CME over night into this morning, how ever it is not going to be a direct hit because it was coming from the incoming limb and was not earth facing. We may see just a tiny

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Is April Playing Tricks On Us?

We may be getting our April fools a little bit late this weekend. We will we have auroras seems to be the grand question. I am seeing nothing that would indicate a big event at this point point. Sun has been very quite last few days with only a few coronal hole drifting through and maybe an odd not very active filament on the southern hemisphere. We should see very minor elevation in winds from coronal holes to near normal range or maybe about a KP3. Best chance late on 4th into 5th to see the peak winds. Unfortunately, we

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Will We Get Another Large Solar Storm This Weekend?

We are going to start off with a time-lapse of the activity on the sun this month. I think this has been the best March we have had in a very long time with repeated good opportunities to get great images of the sun. Think we should be very grateful. Lets look at head to the time line prediction for this weekend in middle latitudes where we are. Northern Latitudes will have slightly better chance at bigger numbers. Unfortunately we will have snow and rain possible till just about 7pm Sunday night. So Saturday There is not going to be

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First Official CME Of The New Cycle.

March has definitely brought out us out of Minimum, no doubt we are in the next cycle! Last night we saw the impact from the very first official CME of cycle 25. Most of us, didn’t get to see it due to clouds and rain moving through the Midwest region. CME took off from the decaying sunspot region on the outgoing limb. Impact here reached a KP5 for brief spike and then dropped for a prolonged kp4. Exciting news even if we could not see it as it means, we are back in business and will be seeing more of

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Did You Know?

This week I have seen some comments that suggest people used special filters to get the auroras. They had special apps or cameras. This is typically false. Most photographers use plain old cameras. Most People use a consumer grade camera, though Pros like myself are using full frame cameras. Though it is best if the camera is only 7 years old or less. The key is in knowing how to use your cameras. Now images above are edited very mildly to straighten horizon, or fix a hot spot. Mostly this is what I could get with my camera. The key

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We Do Have Alerts Going Into Evening

We do have some alerts posted from NOAA and we have several onsets. We have a few hours left on these alerts so they may last until dark. We did have a CME yesterday and this was expected to impact us a tiny bit. We would get a initial bump from actual plasma shock wave and then winds should spiral in. These will be moderate. We are continuing to see a steam on Lasco 3, coming from the incoming sunspot , it isn’t earth facing so think it will be a slight miss. If the activity continues for the

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Will Tonight Be Similar To Last Night?

The questions in everyone’s mind is will we get a repeat of last night? I would stay not exactly the same and I expect the timing will be vastly different. But before we dip into that. You might want to sign up as a paid member. Next week will discuss this storm, and have a question and answer session. We will also start Photo club. I have a feeling the most useful place to start will be with some free editing programs and some basics on how to use them, as many of you will have photos you want to

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Nearly Time To Get Out There

Windspeed , density and temperature are picking up. We are having a CIR or scoop shovel event. Faster stream is catching up with slower one and shoving it faster like a shovel pushing snow, piling plasma and radiated winds like the snow on that shovel.. Phi angle will start moving up and down just before the bz (red line) goes negative. Once that Windspeed or yellow line breaks 380 or 400 km per second be ready.

What Can You Look Foreword To This Weekend

New from Peggy’s Desk, Tiffany Wright has donated our Zoom, So everyone in group give her bit of thank you. She is in Real Estate so should you need a house, might want to look her up. This Means as soon as you sign up as paid members we can start the Aurora Class and photography club. We will be covering some free resources I have found for editing, and giving you some basic walk throughs. Adobe just launched a whole bunch of new features in photoshop. I think the most exciting is the sky replacement tool which will boost

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News, Weather and Solar Forecast for End of March.

We should see some other rain snow mixes over the next few days before the current system passes to through and jet stream shifts to usher in more spring like temperatures. We are expecting a weak storm system on 17th that may bring some clouds. Should clear for the 19th and 20th, and we should have a some auroras during this period.
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