Friday April 23rd forecast

Auroras on East Bay March 19th, 2021

We have achieved KP 5 early as I suspected we would. We do have high clouds through much of the viewing area. There are two a patches of heaving clouds, one back in North/central Wisconsin and one of UP. These are slowly moving eastward and there may be a window in next few hour on western side of the state. We do have a heavier cloud system off the west of Lake Michigan that will be incoming through the over night hours and rain should be through most of Northern Michigan by Sat afternoon. Unfortunately doesn’t appear clouds will let up and NOAA has moved it’s prediction ahead to the Early morning hours, just like I suggested they likely would have to, as their time line was off. We do have wild fire burning by the Tawas area, this could add to difficulties for those of you hoping to photography auroras in the thumb area.

Looks like we will see most clearing in Central lower Michigan, While lakes are great at avoiding light pollution any public land with a good view of the north will gain you have a view of auroras. We have relatively low humidity so if you and find the hole in the clouds, you could have a pretty good view.

Just reminded to sign up to be paid member , this will get your forums, photo contests, Aurora class and photography club where the first up on agenda is going to be doing online Zoom classes for different editing options available. You support makes it possible for to expand the survices we offer and put people to work, so I have hands to help me.

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