Forecast for Week of May 12th

The question we are all asking, is will this sunspot continue. At the moment it seems NASA is down grading predictions for this sunspot region. Seem the coronal holes have a weaker wind stream and the small B class flare is going to brush off the left of us. Looking at the below comparison of the sunspots it seems 2822 or the northern coronal hole is beginning to spread. It remains capable of producing a CME with tightly wrapped polarities. but the outer edges seem to be growing and spreading. It is has seem to reduce activity as it is has connected magnetically with earth. 2823 the southern sunspot is spreading as well, growing larger as it spreads the distance between polarities. We will have to keep a close eye on these as they are are now capable of affecting earth if they produce a CME. Now it frequently happens that when the sun connects with the earth magnetically, that is dampens the energy a bit so and then as it rotates away from earth it gathers energy again releases some of the energy. This is not a bad mechanism. if it protects us from getting a super large CME that could be a threat to our power grids.

The Aurora forecast has been down graded for the moment , will have to see what the sunspots will do in the in the coming days. Also will have to see what incoming sunspots will bring

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Thunderstorm (1 of 1)-56 North American Dark Skies group. Photo sharing

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