Do We Have A Chance At Aurora?

Beautiful Dark Skies Over Glen Haven Michigan.

Good news is there might be a very brief chance at getting auroras tonight in the very early evening. NOAA is predicting the peak about 6 to 8 pm eastern time but there could be lingering auroras into the evening hours. Most areas might see partly cloudy skies with increasing clouds into Monday. Never know until you try, that is the fun of hunting. Have fun and show us your best shot!

Monday night into Tuesday will see possible thunderstorms early in morning and then again on Wednesday. Might be the first chance of lightning in the Great Lakes. If you travel for storms, you want to start heading to Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. There is a dry system moving off the Rockies down into plains to merge with warmer wet gulf air , going to be the perfect day for tornado out breaks. If anyone wants to go chasing from Michigan , give me a holler. I so need a really good lightning storm.

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