Dangerous Weather, Space Weather and Happy Photographers!

We are going to start this post out a little different , at the request of some of our RVers who want a shareable post. The South East will see dangerous storms setting up this afternoon into the over night hours. This could compass Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and the Carolina’s . Tornados, derechos, high winds, and heavy lightning are all possible. If you are in Rv tonight would be a good night for getting a hotel, so you have sturdy shelter and are not in an RV. Make sure you have food and water for week in your rig in the event that area you are in is hard hit. If you are in RV park. Please use their storm shelter before the storm reaches you, do not try to shelter in a RV through these storms it could be a deadly decision if you are in a storms path. Up side for those of you are that are photographers you should get a great opportunity for lightning as we have been having solar storms and electromagnetic energy will increase lightning. Now please remember lightning is best shot when it is 100 to 30 miles form you. To know how far it is away you can use Blitzortung app or website, or Lightning Pro app. All of these will tell you if you are with the strike zone of 30 miles where you should be seeking shelter and how many strikes there are in the oncoming storm. To see high winds use the Windfinder.com or the app this will give you several days in advance wind estimations for areas you might be in. Weather station is a good app, or NOAA. Make sure you have something if you staying in your rig to alert you weather watches and warnings.

Lets start off with of the view of CME that is likely to bring us the most activity and work our way forward. This took off them sun, about midnight on the 21 eastern time. This was earth facing and will be combing with the departing coronal hole to create a G2 solar storm. Which should put us at KP6. NOAA is predicting it hitting midafternoon, I am thinking their timeline is questionable. I have never seen a CME take 96 hours to get here. Usually they happen within 36 but not more than 48. So I would be on alert for the next few days.

There possibility it could take that long, it is just not typical. Now from oldest to newest lets take a look at the continued flaring. keeping in mind that if it says 4am Universal standard time, you need to subtract 4 hour for Michigan, and 5 hours for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Which then mean it is midnight eastern time.

48 hour view of the sun.

I would say once we hit Sat you need to plan to be alert. It should be mostly cloudy through most of the weekend but that doesn’t mean to try , just plan to find holes in the clouds.

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