About Us

Aurora hunting in Mackinaw, waiting for clouds to clear.

My Name is Peggy Sue Zinn, and I started this venture nearly 6 years ago with a little Facebook group thinking I would just connect a few dark sky photographers. God was laughing at me! Because very soon, it was just a few photographers it was thousands. I soon found myself filling roles for the group I never for saw happening. We have done Arts Show. I have organized classes and I am teaching, something I never expected to.

North American Dark Skies was formed because so many from other states wanted to join the group. So I opened a Facebook group for them. Through the minimum we learned we need more than just Aurora hunting to keep us busy. With the expanded purpose of photography any kind of dark sky photography this will allow many topics in which to take picture of, in those times we have no auroras.

Our mission is now to create a community umbrella, for all the different organizations for all over US to pull together to create a solid community focused on education, sharing and preserving our dark skies. By pulling together into one umbrella I hope we can use the influence of many to promote reduction of light pollution, promotion of safety and education.